06 December 2011

giving stuff away

The Really, Really Free Market is happening this Sunday in University Heights. We're piling stuff up on the front porch and renting a car for the weekend, so we can give stuff away! Well, we also have a holiday party or two and a couple of choir performances, but having a car will let us unload a lot more stuff on Sunday.

The market always motivates us. My husband put a dresser out on the driveway yesterday, listed it on Freecycle, and it was gone before lunchtime today. He loaded up 75 LPs and rode them over to M-Theory Music to sell what we could before adding them to the porch pile. I'm going downstairs now to bring up some linen clothes I used to love, but they haven't fit me in five years, so they're on their way to a new home. And the BOOKS... I love my books but honestly, I have so many! I'll take a stack to Bluestocking Books to see if they want any for their shelves, and what's left will be down at the free market. We might even sing to you while you browse.

Anything left at day's end will go to the Animal Protection and Rescue League thrift store. It just doesn't get any better than that!

The next RRFM is scheduled for March 11.