12 November 2010

coconut heaven

With a little help from Matt, we discovered Coconut Glen's at mile marker 27 on the Hana Hwy: Coconut-based ice cream at the friendliest little shack on the island.

The incomparable Glen was on hand for this photo op. His chocolate chili chipotle flavor is incredible! You really have to taste it to believe it.

The lovely Joei served up local passionfruit (Lilikoi) flavor in a coconut half with a green coconut spoon. Everything is fully compostable, so it wasn't a big surprise to find the latest issue of Permaculture Activist magazine on the front counter. Joei is quite the vegan baker too! You can connect with them on Facebook to see how things are progressing with both ventures.

Fresh coconuts, apple bananas and enormous avocadoes make days in Hawaii so sweet!

...and of course, strawberry papayas with a squeeze of lime every morning!

08 November 2010

island anniversary

Celebrating our anniversary in Hawaii was restorative. Our first couple of days we laid low, checking out Haiku and Paia, and walking in the rain. There are quite a few sacred sites on the island. Ram Dass was taking people to see all of them. We visited this Tibetan stupa on our anniversary, and did a clockwise rotation to set positive intentions for our next blissful year.

Vietnamese dinner at Fresh Mint was the best, and I recommend it highly. Everything is totally veg, so no worries about hidden fish sauce! For our anniversary dinner we had Pho noodle soup, fresh salad rolls, mushrooms and green beans. It was fresh and delicate and so good, it was gone before I even thought about taking pictures. The next day, we went back for lunch and had Pad Thai and another delicious noodle dish. Took pictures this time.

In Haiku, we met Claire from the Basque region of France. She made the pretty silver, turquoise, freshwater pearl earrings I'm wearing here.

05 November 2010

discovering maui

What is it about mountains that feel so sacred? Is it that they're reaching for Heaven? We just returned from a beautiful week on Maui, the Hawaiian island formed by Haleakala. We discovered tropical beauty along the Hana Highway, and the mellow, welcoming spirit of Haiku.

The road to Hana takes you right through the middle of lush rain forest. You can see how the road cuts along the green in the background here. Most stunning is the black volcanic rock against the turquoise sea.

A major highlight was meeting Annie, our host at the Haiku Plantation Inn. She was so loving and invested in every guest's comfort and happiness! She had the jacuzzi warmed up and ready for us each night when we came home. Thank you Annie!