26 March 2010


We performed our second monologue in Theater class and my husband was played a very convincing (and gritty) Film Noir character, with a meditation bell cigar! Now we're on Spring Break at Mission Beach... gathering ideas for our post-Easter performances.

I'm loving all this time with our twenty-year-old friends, watching them gain confidence and opening up to new things. They are awesome!

13 March 2010

happy volunteers

After the rains, we have nasturtiums growing as big as your hand!

And a happy dill and cosmos partnership is happening in the north bed...

With one trip into nature, I am restored.

it comes in waves

Every day is an adventure this year. One day it's perfect laid-back happiness (as usual) and the next I'm hammering out a big recording project or building relationships with email marketing and I hit the pillow with puffy eyes. So many good and interesting possibilities to explore...

What I really want is to get back to this blog and to get back to the beach and to get out there and weed the garden. Joy is always there, waiting for me to return.

I'm drawing inspiration from a beautiful blog called "Sweet Sweet Life". Take a peek at the beauty and color over here.

02 March 2010

an integrated life

Every time I pack up the portable studio, which fits in the overhead on the plane, I have a moment of awe that I've created a life where I can take my work with me wherever I go. I give thanks to Chris, and gratitude to Luis at Apple Music who helped with everything... from choosing the right microphone and pre-amp, to the padded case with wheels that acts as my mini soundproof booth.

01 March 2010

winter vacation

We visited with our Mount Hood friends over the weekend, and did group yoga practice with my teacher... she gave me some excellent reminders and ideas to fuel my home practice. Now the guys are up on the mountain hoping for good snow. I'm here alone in the peace and quiet of winter, watching a flock of quail on the seed platform outside the dining room, and enjoying the silence. I have a simple red wool hat on my knitting needles, an interesting novel to explore, and super-comfy bed for napping. Ahhh.