23 August 2011

eating with your hands

In Portland I was a regular at Queen of Sheba, a perennial favorite for authentic Ethiopian ginger juice and shared plates of goodness. Here in the University Heights neighborhood of San Diego, Muzita Abyssinian Bistro has mastered a tangy, spongy injera and irresistible Eritrean-style seasoned ground chickpeas. The Kantisha Kilwa veggies can be made vegan on request.

Owner Abel's smile (thanks for the pic, Haunani) and his mom's guidance in the kitchen, bring the ambiance up a notch, making this one of our local favorites. Traveling friends feel warmly wrapped in the care and creativity of every dish. Wash your hands and dig in!

18 August 2011

little dogs everywhere

Yesterday I was working in the studio and I heard birdsong outside. In that moment, without a doubt, it was the voice of my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Byron, who came into my life 25 years ago in cardboard box, with a quart of fresh goat's milk and a red ribbon around his neck! He was the sweetest and most loyal friend ever, and he liked playing in the snow.

So I'm thinking that either he's been reincarnated as a bird, or that this lovely birdsong reminded me of my own connection to the animal world.

Fast forward to this morning, when I watched a lizard stalking a cabbage moth in one of the vegetable beds. He jumped up (like a tiny dog) and tried to take a fluttering white moth right out of the air!

I'm filled with gratitude for the 16 years we had together. Thanks for finding me again, Byron. I love you.