18 August 2011

little dogs everywhere

Yesterday I was working in the studio and I heard birdsong outside. In that moment, without a doubt, it was the voice of my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Byron, who came into my life 25 years ago in cardboard box, with a quart of fresh goat's milk and a red ribbon around his neck! He was the sweetest and most loyal friend ever, and he liked playing in the snow.

So I'm thinking that either he's been reincarnated as a bird, or that this lovely birdsong reminded me of my own connection to the animal world.

Fast forward to this morning, when I watched a lizard stalking a cabbage moth in one of the vegetable beds. He jumped up (like a tiny dog) and tried to take a fluttering white moth right out of the air!

I'm filled with gratitude for the 16 years we had together. Thanks for finding me again, Byron. I love you.

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