11 April 2013

new moon yantra

There's a new moon in Aries and it can super-charge creativity, according to dear ones who are in tune with  these energies.  Last night, Laura Plumb provided glue sticks, colored paper and intention to a circle of women who were invited to create their own Yantra for this season of Spring renewal.

I have to admit, I had never before heard the word "Yantra" but after a little enlightenment on the subject, I like the concept very much.  It's kind of a personal mandala and focus for your meditation.  I gathered the clippings I had in a box for a vision board that never took shape - taken from a letterpress project, a special card, tiny Tibetan prayer flags, magazines.  I resurrected words and images, played fast and loose with the petals and triangles of the Yantra and made a little collage that pleases me.  My muse says to shine.  Just shine, and to keep seeking honesty in any of the infinite ways to express my soul in this life.

Each Yantra was deeply personal and quite beautiful.  The diversity was exciting to see.  I'm feeling alive!

03 April 2013

mission fig watercolor

Sitting in the garden and drawing what I see is very meditative.  Unpacking my new paint set and mixing the colors is where the challenge lies.  Finding the right shades of green and mixing just the right size "puddle" of paint so that the greens will be consistent takes patience.

Next time I'll take a shot at the bright blue pot the Mission fig grows in.