28 September 2011

moments of joy

1. flying down Presidio hill on my bike
2. practicing yoga that connects me deeply to Mother Earth
3. meaningful work for a new client
4. becoming a neighborhood CSA hub for Suzie's Farm
5. hearing about a childhood friend's aspiration to become a priest
6. seeing the return of Barn Owls to our canyon

26 September 2011

small beginning

In July, this groundbreaking performance with the Mission Hills Artists was the first time I played and sang for an audience. Making music is a really interesting process. Once I have the words down, plus whatever instrument I might be adding in for texture, it's all about telling a story. I have an enormous amount of freedom to explore because my husband is carrying the melody, and he's super-flexible and spontaneous on stage.

My voice teacher Dr. Chagnon is encouraging me to write out every song like a poem, so I can see the story in front of me. Then I create a fictional story about what series of events led to the moment in time expressed by the song, and a backstory for the character, bringing singing into the realm of acting where I have much more ease.

For my first solo in class last week, I sang the old Irish tune "Down by the Salley Gardens" with my lovely accompanist Woan Rong. Neither of these were tight performances, but they mark the beginning of a journey. In the words of Henry David Thoreau, "There is no beginning too small."

13 September 2011

jardin de la vida

Venture over to the Sophia Circle for my guest post on the La Maestra garden today. My, how it has grown!

08 September 2011

BBQ tempeh

Vida Vegan Con in Portland was in a word, fantastic! I came home a more committed vegan, a better writer, and a slightly better photographer. I'm still a work in progress.

The Vegan Vagrant created a great photo gallery
of the abundant buffet tables, with meal-after-meal of vibrant dishes, coordinated by the dynamic organizing team: Jess, Janessa and Michele.

Tempeh has been a bit of a digestive challenge for me in the past, so based on a tip from a fellow vegan, I gave it a long steam (30+ minutes). Broiled with Annie's smoky BBQ sauce, and paired with pan fried potatoes and freshly snipped chives from the garden, my tempeh and I had a satisfying VVC moment.

03 September 2011

cactus blooming this morning...

There's a whole miniature world inside.