26 September 2011

small beginning

In July, this groundbreaking performance with the Mission Hills Artists was the first time I played and sang for an audience. Making music is a really interesting process. Once I have the words down, plus whatever instrument I might be adding in for texture, it's all about telling a story. I have an enormous amount of freedom to explore because my husband is carrying the melody, and he's super-flexible and spontaneous on stage.

My voice teacher Dr. Chagnon is encouraging me to write out every song like a poem, so I can see the story in front of me. Then I create a fictional story about what series of events led to the moment in time expressed by the song, and a backstory for the character, bringing singing into the realm of acting where I have much more ease.

For my first solo in class last week, I sang the old Irish tune "Down by the Salley Gardens" with my lovely accompanist Woan Rong. Neither of these were tight performances, but they mark the beginning of a journey. In the words of Henry David Thoreau, "There is no beginning too small."

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  1. So beautifully expressed. Inspiring!