26 August 2010

la maestra urban garden

This is Irma. She is transforming a city lot into an urban gardening space for people in the City Heights community of San Diego.

La Maestra (which means "the teacher") is doing so many good things for the community, that I won't list them all here, but you can learn more at their website. A beautifully designed new LEED certified building is at the heart of their operation.

And just down the street a little clinic is buzzing with activity.

The big blue house right next door is the site of yet another valuable program, and provides the space for the garden.

The front garden will be filled with flowers and herbs, and maybe a water feature? The design is still developing. Should the design match the style of the house? Or should it be a wild riot of color?

Around the side and back there is room for a dozen individual plots, plus a nice sized space for composting, and a building with two bathrooms and a shower. What a bonus! If gutters were installed on that small building, rainwater harvesting could begin this year.

Irma is gathering resources, seeking assistance from Victory Gardens San Diego, and from the Sophia Circle. The garden is fully fenced and Irma has her soil test back. She has cinder blocks and good organic compost on the way. We will transform this pile of dirt into a lush and productive garden!


  1. You are so amazing, Sally! Thank you for your wisdom and your goodness!

  2. wow nice urban garden . perfect place you have, more space plenty rooms for plants and garden accessories. just an idea putting a wind spinners and wind chimes may add as an attraction to your garden . well keep it up . have a nice day !

  3. Yes, wind chimes would be lovely! Thank you both for your gardening enthusiasm.