08 November 2010

island anniversary

Celebrating our anniversary in Hawaii was restorative. Our first couple of days we laid low, checking out Haiku and Paia, and walking in the rain. There are quite a few sacred sites on the island. Ram Dass was taking people to see all of them. We visited this Tibetan stupa on our anniversary, and did a clockwise rotation to set positive intentions for our next blissful year.

Vietnamese dinner at Fresh Mint was the best, and I recommend it highly. Everything is totally veg, so no worries about hidden fish sauce! For our anniversary dinner we had Pho noodle soup, fresh salad rolls, mushrooms and green beans. It was fresh and delicate and so good, it was gone before I even thought about taking pictures. The next day, we went back for lunch and had Pad Thai and another delicious noodle dish. Took pictures this time.

In Haiku, we met Claire from the Basque region of France. She made the pretty silver, turquoise, freshwater pearl earrings I'm wearing here.

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