11 May 2010

seeds for annaka

I'm gathering some Russian Giant sunflower seeds for Annaka today, and a few Cosmos, and Nasturtium seeds too. We have so many of the striped sunflower seeds that I've been planting them in thick rows to harvest for salad sprouts. A few of them will be strategically saved to tower over the garden, but most will be cut young and lively for the kitchen.

Annaka is from the Northwest too. I'm actually from the Pacific Northwest via Northern California, truth be told, but I lived in Portland longer and during some very transformational years, so I feel most rooted there. Anyway, she and I shared the same shipwrecked feeling when we arrived here in Southern California... who will we talk to about seed saving, water gathering, recycling, living organically? It is happening, people! Just this week were three lectures to choose from: Brad Lancaster on Water Harvesting, Van Jones on the Green Collar Economy, and Tom Spanbauer from Portland on "writing dangerously" by accessing the inarticulate speech of the heart. Only loosely related maybe, but for me it's all interconnected. Be the truth, and share the truth.

And now more from the garden... the first tomato (a volunteer) is almost ready!

I sent a fresh red onion home with Rosie after our Mother's Day grill in the garden.

The apples are getting bigger, and the squirrels are not showing much interest in them this year. Yay!


  1. Sally,
    Thank you for the seeds, I can't wait to get them in the ground! I am really excited about the amaranth, I've never seen it before,
    it's beautiful. I enjoyed the entire morning, thank you very much for sharing your lovely garden. So much good stuff growing and such a tranquil setting. It's so nice to meet a friend who is on the same page in so many ways!
    I hope we can meet up again sometime!

  2. Thank you Annaka! Isn't amaranth a stunning plant? It makes a beautiful cut flower for indoors too. I have my Siberian watermelon and white cucumber starts in the ground! Let's keep in touch. Blessings to you~