19 October 2011

like you wrote it

Playing and singing with Mara Cooper at Radiance Yoga last week was great fun. She has this powerful classically trained voice and can really rock a Joni Mitchell song! I may follow her lead and try singing "Carey" for my final song in voice class this term. It'll definitely expand my range.

"Know it like you wrote it" says Dr. Chagnon. Know it like you wrote it. Fabulous advice for any performer, and this applies to all of life, no? Live it like you wrote it, because you did, or you are writing it now, or the big consciousness that connects us all holds the truth, so connect to that eternal thread and be present. My second song "Sunshine Again" allowed me to hit the higher notes with more confidence. I wonder what song number three will reveal?

Now it's time to get back to being measured for costumes and running through the script for the performance Jeff and I will be participating in, to launch Laurel Corona's latest novel "Finding Emelie."

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  1. Love this beautiful thread of your eternal, sunshine all the time, life, Sally! Thank you :)