07 February 2010

Americano for here, please

The independent coffee shop just feels better...Espresso Mio being my local favorite...followed closely by Costellos when in Irvington...and then Peets...no longer a small shop, but it has a certain Portland-via-Berkeley appeal for me.

In Italy, on the island of Capri, this family run shop wouldn't think of giving you a disposable non-recyclable paper cup with a molded plastic lid, even with 10% post consumer recyled content, when you could take a breath and enjoy your morning espresso on the spot. Italians seem puzzled, in general, by our habit of walking down the street with food and drink in hand.

Now Starbucks has done right by many...offering health insurance to employees working just 20 hours per week...creating recording projects for voice actors like us...and motivating the outpouring of love in the video you see here...

Click here: YouTube - 156 Countries Sing Together for the Starbucks Love Project (Thank you Peter, for sending the link.)

...but why? why I ask you? can I not get a ceramic mug at our neighborhood Starbucks?

I'll put a small ceramic cup into my tennis bag in case I'm surprised again by wet courts and an invitation to our local Starbucks. Nothing is less fun for me than having to choose between time with friends and my environmental conscience. All you need is love.

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