04 February 2010

How's your manifesting?

I was new to Southern California when this question was posed by my chiropractor. It seemed kind of weird, very So Cal, maybe a little woo-woo for me...

But then things began to manifest...or I should say I started noticing that my "manifesting" was actually humming right along.

I read an article about bicycle safety that said you should always cover your eyes for riding, using clear goggles at night, to protect from rocks that can shoot out from under a car tire in motion. Good advice. I pictured the goggles I wanted, and they appeared within a couple of days, left behind by a construction crew in the neighborhood.

I carried around an extra 50 pounds for about 10 years, but I kept my driver's license weight at a number that I thought was as high as my scale should ever be. Once my life came back into balance, my weight hit that very number and stuck. It stays right there, on the money.

And this New Year, I focused on two things: writing more and creating two new client relationships. The new clients appeared, and I'm being asked to write more and more, both professionally and in the acting class I'm taking.

There are two excellent Zen teachers in PB. I admire their writing and their energy, but their practice center is out of my cycling comfort zone. One of these gifted teachers has started leading meditation every Wednesday, right down the street. I'm showing up as often as I can.

I was very clear with the hospice organization I volunteer with, that I'd like to work with someone in my own zip code, so I can cycle to my appointments. That person appeared yesterday.

So it's like that. I've started trusting that I can create my own reality. It's very concrete and not as "out there" as I once thought. I'm really grateful.

How's your manifesting?

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