30 January 2010

High School Acting

Twenty-some years ago, I was a high school actor. Totally immersed in it, doing rehearsals three times a week, acting as president of the "Theatre Arts Club" with the French influence coming from me...we had been the Drama Club until I came along. Ah, oui! Chris was the butler in this shot, and Joel played Bullshot Crummond. My mom made the green dress with lace trim.

And here is the venerable director George Cuyler. He played a big, impressive King Lear. He was equally kind, reclusive, odd and creative. I liked him very much.

We did a performance once that was a medley of scenes from Shakespeare, with can-can dancers to open the show. I remember Mr. Cuyler calling us "Madame Tinker and her roving streetwalkers", which cracked him up. Lori, on the far right (stage left), is now married to my cousin Greg.

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