02 January 2010

Quite a transformative year

2009 was quite a transformative year, as I moved the business home and my commute became a short walk out the back door to the garden studio. I really loved all the creative vegan lunchboxes my husband packed for me back in the day, and I enjoyed the people at the San Diego office, but I have to say that the organic flow of working from home is very peaceful indeed.

We had the good fortune to travel to Long Beach with a dear friend in September to be with the Dalai Lama for a weekend of teachings and encouragement along the path. Although there were around 8000 people in attendance, it felt very intimate and special for me.

There's way too much to fully share in one post, so I thought I'd touch on the highlights in a 12 Days of Christmas kind of countdown. Here goes...

12) we were on the move with at least 12 trips up and down the West Coast by train, plane and automobile, topped by my first trip to Mexico for Thanksgiving to soak in most beautiful natural hot springs I’ve ever seen…and to hike the biggest boulders I’ve ever scrambled over!

11) learned to play the violin with a super-talented teacher, and walked away with great appreciation for the instrument after 11 lessons or so

10) tried 10 paint samples on the house, before deciding that Rye and Tansy with Charcoal trim [correction: the trim color is Berlin] are the right colors

9) the garden house became our recording studio 9 months ago, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Smith who moved his music and massage into the second bedroom

8) harvested at least 8 gallons of fava beans…note to self: plant more beans this Winter

7) enjoyed the company of 7 beloved visitors from Portland

6) traveled to Northern California 6 times, including a side trip to Reno, a family reunion for Easter, and sadly, two funerals

5) gratefully participated in mindfulness gatherings with these 5 teachers: Thich Nhat Hanh my root teacher, Dandapani, Roshi Joan Halifax, Sister Helen Prejean, and we were blessed by the incomparable Dalai Lama with all of his lightness and grace

4) built 4 new raised beds in the garden to grow even more food for our table, and visited a couple of noteworthy California public gardens with my oldest friend

3) worked with 3 new voice actors on Australian, Spanish and Korean projects

2) made 2 moves toward meaningful volunteering by completing hospice training and beginning to lead hospice families in mindfulness practice

1) left my 1 corporate job, to jump feet first into life as a creative freelancer

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