04 December 2010

down to kihei

There's so much to share about our recent trip to Maui, that I'm going just keep posting segments until I feel complete. I hope you enjoy the slow journey around the island with me.

On anniversary Wednesday, my horoscope in the Honolulu Star-Adviser said "The world is your oyster." The exact words my high school counselor, Mr. Bononi, used when we were reviewing my aptitude tests. I could have benefited from some concrete advice about college funding, but really, it's a nice timeless blessing, and has turned out to be true.

After driving between double rainbows on our way to Kihei, via Kahului, we made a nice connection with Johanna for yoga at the beach, swam at Kamaole and Big Beach, stopped off at Joy's Place where we were greeted warmly by Jimmy's radiant smile! Perched on a stool with our chili, hummus wrap, and thai mushroom soup, I spotted a Green Anole Lizard out in the bushes. I wasn't able to get a shot of him, but click here for a beautiful photo from another Hawaiian traveler.

Dinner back in Paia at the amazing veggie Vietnamese restaurant Fresh Mint, was spectacular. I am one happily married woman. So much joy!

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