03 January 2011

saul david raye

Saul David Raye led an afternoon of yoga, and an evening of kirtan with Ram Dass and at Studio Maui in Haiku. He suggested kneeling to touch the Earth and to connect our hearts with the heart of Mother Earth. It reminded me of a gathering of friends where Laura suggested that because Amanda had hooked her light to Divine Light, she was eternal and invincible, and when Saul spoke these words about Gaia, EVERYTHING felt connected in Radiance.

That was late October, and this holiday season has been an ever expanding understanding of the Divinity of all creation. I had the beautiful opportunity to be in the presence of Saul once again from Hawaii via the Cosmic Webstream to celebrate the Winter Solstice, and now I'm between classes as I participate in his virtual New Year's weekend practice from Kauai.

As the holidays have unfolded, I have had family time, connection with our homeless brothers, labyrinth walking time, powerful live music, yoga, and a day of Buddhist practice at Deer Park Monastery. Consistently, the message is to keep opening up my idea of God, of Holiness, and to always dwell in Divine Light.


  1. You are that Radiance, that expansive, eternal Divine Light. Thank you for shining it so bright!

  2. I am nurtured and supported by the Light in you. Thank you Laura!