26 January 2011

she likes to draw

I'm a student of graphic design, exploring the edges of creative freelancing.

["Freelance Dance" postcard from Carolyn Sewell's awesome collection Postcards to my Parents.]

It's the first week of a new college term and I'm always up for learning something new. When I landed in my first graphic design course on Tuesday, I had a super-grounded feeling. Like when this little girl said she wanted to be a cartoonist, she knew she'd come back around to drawing, one day. That day is today.

From my "School Years" book, it looks like I was keeping "secretary" as a back-up plan, no doubt influenced by the times. I mean how weird is it that there are "boy" choices and "girl" choices? And it's a pretty narrow list on either side of the aisle, right?

I'm starting with learning the Adobe Creative Suite of software, and getting right back to Amy Becraft's Typography course at City College, once I get my digital toolkit together!

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