26 June 2011

handmade tortillas

I made my first flour tortilla at the Tecate Community Museum opening event in Baja a couple of weeks ago. Thank goodness a friend captured this shot, because my pictures of the cast iron stove and the kind woman who taught me how to stretch the dough, are locked up in our camera and may never be recovered. (I was taking pictures of the family of black phoebes doing test flights in our garden, got all excited when a peregrine falcon showed up in the viewfinder, hurried to show Mr. Smith, then there was a bobble and a crash and now the lens refuses to retract. Might be time for a new camera.)

Fortified by my experience in Mexico, and with Terry Hope Romero as my guide, I made a dozen corn tortillas on the outdoor grill tonight. I flattened each one with a rolling pin and some waxed paper. A tortilla press is definitely in my future! I made a chipotle-asada marinade for the tempeh and grilled some onions from the garden. These tacos are contenders for the best of all time!

I'll be able to thank Terry in person at Vida Vegan Con. It makes me so happy to say those words... can't wait for the conference!


  1. Nothing Like fresh tortillas. Sounds like a great summer meal. Vida Vegan Con with Terry Romero? Im going to look that up.

  2. Oh yum! How very ancient/modern of you. You always come up with the most wonderful things, dear Sally.

    Happy Birthday, too!