20 December 2009

Bike Cargo

For those of you wondering, how does a family of two do all their grocery shopping without using a car? The answer is: a very resourceful husband! I like the way he threaded his bike lock through the TP for secure side-loading. And notice how the lock winds it's way around the blue corn chips (top bag) to protect the more delicate cargo. Not a chip was broken.

When I was in Vietnam last year, I saw impressive loads being carried by bike, like this one at the Hanoi farmer's market. The shot I missed (we were always zipping by in a cab) was the guy selling goldfish, dozens of goldfish in individual water filled plastic bags, suspended from poles on either side of his bike. Just your basic roadside retail store.

My visit to Vietnam ended in lovely and peaceful Hoi An where French influence shines through.

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