09 December 2009


Last night I went to a gathering of beautiful and well-intentioned people who get together to mingle and network to support each other in the business world. It was a sparkly holiday party at a swank private "lounge" downtown. It was challenging for me to be fully present, even though I know that as a creative freelancer, networking is very important. I have a handful of solid clients and a steady flow of work but logic tells me that I should be developing potential business more broadly.

Most of my professional connections are with fairly large companies and my recordings are one component of the more complex product they sell. Seeking more clients like these is the perfect focus for long term contract work, but why turn away from the person-to-person possibilities? I have recorded a single script, or a short list of voicemail recordings for small business in the past and enjoyed these projects very much.

I'm going to focus some of my planning energy on the single project client...how to communicate clearly all the ways a professional voice might be valuable, even when the project is a little one.

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