03 December 2009

gathering rainwater

Today there's a lot of hammering and jolting going on up on the roof. It's a necessary step to get to an excellent rainwater harvesting system. First was the termite treatment. We chose the least toxic method that would still give us pretty good longevity. I think having a wooden house in Southern California is a shaky proposition, but we love our site on the canyon, and will do what we can to preserve it and use it for highest good.

Once we get the spongy wooden parts replaced and the roofing secure, we'll install new gutters that channel water into the garden and some kind of cistern for water storage. Then the painting begins. After much deliberation, we found a color scheme we like. It's more saturated than a Palo Verde tree, but has the same range of colors. It will remind us of our Thanksgiving camping trip to Baja.

Here's the palette...

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