07 December 2009

northwest nostalgia

It's pouring rain in San Diego this morning. Sitting inside, decked out in layers of fleece, looking out at the gray skies, it's all very reminiscent of Portland...EXCEPT that I just checked the internet and it's 20-something-degrees up there! I had no idea! I can't even remember how I coped under those conditions.

On NPR this morning there was a nice story about a cargo bike manufacturing operation in NE Portland. The American League of Cyclists was quoted "Sometimes we take the love affair with the car, that we think we have, to a bit of an extreme. We really have a love affair with the quickest, easiest, most convenient way of getting around." Well said. We take more of a Vietnamese approach to carting around groceries and such, strapping it on and piling it high. I do love the cargo bike idea though, allowing people to safely carry their surfboards to the beach, and their children to daycare without the tow behind Burley-type trailer. I'd like being able to see my precious cargo in the front loaded position.

But I digress. There is something to be said for having winter weather that asks you to slow down, get cozy inside, and do some baking. Today I made chocolate shortbread cookies from the Innocent Primate blog. Yum.

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