24 June 2010

fruitful time

Our fig tree survived transplanting beautifully into it's gorgeous new pot. It has 20 figlets showing and no signs of distress. How sweet would it be to have a crop this year?

After a meeting with the California Rare Fruit Growers, and inspired by our friend Mary, we went shopping for blueberries. It's a bit off season but we were confident in choosing Misty, a vigorous grower with low chilling hours needed.

We were a little less confident when we brought Jubilee home. The fruit is ripening and that's fun, but it actually wants cold winters, so I don't know exactly how this relationship will go. Does anyone have coastal SD experience with a blueberry called Jubilee?

Our pomegranate tree has set flowers before and that is worth the price of admission (as they say) but has not yet produced fruit for us. Maybe this is her year! With its abundance of seeds, the fruit has long been a symbol of fertility, bounty, and eternal life.

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