20 June 2010

garden house call

Tao is Laura's sweet kitty. She was found wandering as a tiny kitten and has found a home with Laura and her family in Point Loma. Tao watched over us as we did some planting last week, after centering ourselves with meditation and a delicious cup of chai.

The Tiki garden has some herbs taking hold and a healthy planting of pumpkins starting to run.

Cosmos are showing their bright faces.

We found some lattice and a few tall stakes, and planted beans and cucumber. Mini White cucumber will make it's way up the lattice. Kentucky Wonder pole beans are planted all around the legs of the big tipi on the North side of the bed. We put in a row of Roq d'Or yellow wax bush beans, between the pumpkins and lettuce... plus an heirloom tomato volunteer from my garden, and a Japanese Ichiban eggplant. (She thinks her vegetarian daughter is going to enjoy the eggplant... I hope she does!) Laura will explore her options for mulching the bed to improve the soil texture and to retain moisture. I've always been a fan of organic mushroom compost as a top dressing.

And here is the radiant Laura, putting in a few Russian Mammoth sunflowers in the corner where she will have a hot tub one day. A busy yoga teacher (and dancer) needs a place to relax and soak away the tension. Thank you Laura, for opening bodies and souls in San Diego. Blessings for an abundant harvest!

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