04 June 2010

portland rocks!

My former home still holds a very special place in my heart, because it encourages the very best in me. Portland has been the nurturing nest for my yoga and meditation practices, organic community farming, car-free lifestyle, and cultivating my most compassionate self. Portland is still home to many of my dearest friends.

Portland has some of the best independent and creative minds wandering her streets, like the people at Powells Books, the McMenamin brothers, the folks over at Literary Arts, the Aladdin Theater, and those who make public transportation and cycling work so well in the Rose City. And now, Portland is home to the Vegan Iron Chef competition!

Totally veg foodies are rejoicing! That there are enough people into deeply compassionate eats to support a Vegan Mini-Mall over in Southeast, and to SELL OUT this event is very encouraging indeed. It's being held in the beautifully green Natural Capital Center on the streetcar line and sponsored by Ecotrust, home of the Food and Farms program.

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