03 June 2010

planting potatoes

In a deep trench layered with seaweed, gypsum and our rich kitchen compost, I planted a row of Yukon Gold potatoes. I cut the sections smallish (watching for at least one eye per chunk) because they'll produce new potatoes faster if they have less "food" from the original potato. This year's potatoes will appear between the seed potato down below and the green growth up above, so it is important to hill up the potato plants with light soil or straw so there's lots of darkened growing space in between. The leaves have to have some sun to do their thing, so it'll be a gradual hilling-up. I saw a brilliant idea for growing a potato crop in a little garden, but I'm going to try it the old-fashioned way.

A lizard playground seemed like a good idea since there were some flagstone pieces lying around.

Because outside of a buggy lettuce patch...

...there's nothing a lizard loves more than a flat rock in the sunshine.

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