01 June 2010

the solution comes up every day

One day Candy and Jeff went up on the roof to think about the best way to capture rainwater and to see if the solar panels were clean.

We have an array of 20 panels that my husband installed for $15,000. After a $4000 rebate and nearly 10 years of being fully solar-powered, we're feeling pretty happy about our return on investment. We wash them once in awhile and top up the water in the batteries, and send energy back to the grid every month.

On top of the usual computing, heating and lighting, the sun can do cool things like bake cornbread!

It keeps our NoGas electric scooter charged. And with a little bit of water and care, the sun converts solar energy into a garden full of fruit and vegetables. Our fuel.

I'm worried about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the long term fallout of this puncture in the Earth's skin. Solar, wind, water and so many clean energy sources are here for us. As heard at Solfest "The solution comes up every day".

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